12 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

Massage therapy is no longer considered just a luxury. The health benefits of adding massage to your wellness routine are many, including:


  • Reduce Stress
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Promote Relaxation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Boost Immunity
  • Improve Sleep
  • Ease Symptoms of Depression


Few therapies are quite so up-close-and-personal, though. To avoid awkward moments, wasted money, and (most importantly) potential problems, it’s in everyone's best interests for you to be in the know. We asked our certified YBN massage therapists what they want you to know about your massage. Here are their dozen best tips:


  1. Communication is key. Let us know what's going on with your body. If we're putting too much pressure (or not enough) on any area, speak up -- don't suffer in silence. It won't hurt our feelings -- it helps us to individualize your massage for what you want and need.


  1. Undress to your level of comfort. Some clients keep their underwear on, some don't. Don't worry about us seeing anything -- we will drape your body, except for the specific area we're working on, to protect your modesty and ours.


  1. Your body is fine just the way it is. We don't care about the stubble on your legs, or your muffintop. To us, your butt isn't fat, jiggly, or dimpled -- it's a muscle, and muscles are our business. If you have problems in your lower back, chances are that your gluteal muscles are involved with that as well. We are happy to work your glutes with a sheet covering if that makes you more comfortable, but it seems counterproductive not to work on some of the biggest muscles in the body.


  1. If you have had a change in your medical condition or prescription meds since you were last here, it's very important that you tell us. If you mention halfway through a deep-tissue massage that you are taking blood thinners, we are going to be thinking “uh-oh” in our heads.


  1. Don't eat an hour before or after your massage. In both cases, the digestive process in your body will interfere with the full effect of your massage -- just ask your body to do one thing at a time!


  1. Drink lots of water after your massage -- it helps remove the metabolic waste your therapist had worked hard to release, plus muscles work and feel best when they’re fully hydrated.


  1. Bodily functions are normal. During massage, your parasympathetic system is activated and your body has a chance to relax completely. You may drool, snore, cry, or pass gas during your session. Don't fret -- these things are all normal and we're happy if we've gotten you relaxed to that level.


  1. Our essential oil blends are created to help us give you the best massage possible. They don't just smell good -- each blend is formulated to add a specific benefit. A non-aromatherapy massage is always great, but adding a particular blend can get you the maximum benefit for your individual needs. Ask us to explain the benefits of each blend, and we'll guide you towards the best choice each time.


  1. Please be on time -- ideally, 5 minutes early. We're often booked back-to-back, and we want to be able to give you the full time we've allotted for you.


  1. You have no obligation to talk to us during a massage. It's perfectly OK to say, "I'm not up for conversing today." If talking helps you relax, by all means go ahead. Otherwise, go to your happy place and let us take over. Our job is to do bodywork; your job is to relax. Leave your worries somewhere else and leave your muscles to us.


  1. Tipping is not required, but is a much-appreciated gesture of thanks for a well done massage. If you do leave a gratuity, cash is preferred.


  1. Finally, If you're happy with your massage, tell your friends -- we love referrals! And come back regularly -- the more we work on your body, the better we get to know what you need for your optimal health.

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