4 Great Sites for Natural Remedies & Sinus Issues

Essential oils work very well for sinus issues. A well-formulated blend can ease congestion almost immediately and if used frequently, essential oils may help you live sinusitis free for longer periods. Your Body Needs...Sinus Clear has been useful for many of our customers. It is not easy to find information on sinus issues and aromatherapy online. So, here is a round-up of some of products, sites or blogs that caught my eye.

1) Birch Hill Happening has a post listing individual essential oils useful for sinus issues with a detail recipe for a steam inhalation. Although they do not sell a ready made blend, their individual oils are great choices and suggestions of use are great. Sinusitis.

2) Jo's Health Corner is a thoughtful blog post. It covers essential oils suitable for sinus issues and highlights frankincense as one of her favorites - frankincense is often overlooked for sinus issues however is powerful. It is also an ingredient in Your Body Needs... 'Sinus Clear'. Jo has other lifestyle tips to help relieve sinus pain. A good read.

3) Your Body Needs... 'Sinus Clear' is formulated by Your Body Needs...The blend of essential oils including frankincense, are especially formulated to bring immediate relief from congestion and to ease discomfort. Customers love this product and many say they can't live without it.

4) Organic Authority is a short blog post listing seven essential oils to regain your sanity during allergy season. It's an old post but information is good.

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