Fall in Love With Your Skin Again

Do you remember a time when your skin looked fresh and radiant? Your skin is one of your largest organs and how you treat it is vital for good health and glowing results. The skin on your face is a mirror for your overall health, and my job as your Holistic Esthetician  is to identify potential issues early and partner with you for your best skin. Here are a few tips to help improve and maintain your healthy, beautiful skin during these drier fall and winter days! 

  • Shorten your shower time! Water can be extremely drying, and you’ll wash away the essential oils your body creates to keep your skin from drying out. Do your best to stick to shorter, lukewarm showers during the fall and winter. Always apply body oil afterwards. 
  • Oils are friends not foes! Yes, even “oily” skin benefits from the right oils. Facial oils are a powerhouse when it comes to skin care, providing essential fatty acids, nutrients, and vitamins to give your skin the hydration it needs. Consider one of our specialty face oils, or have one custom blended  just for you, and your skin will visibly thank you!
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub! Exfoliation is an important step in your weekly skin care routine. It removes excess dead skin caused by dryness, and any pigmentation buildup from the summer. Regular exfoliation keeps your skin soft and glowing. 
  • Your lips are an important part of your skin! They are the only pieces of skin that don’t have oil glands or pores, making them much more prone to drying out. Keep them hydrated with a specialty lip oil, and consider a lip scrub to use every other day or so. 
  • Monthly professional skin care treatments are not a luxury! Healthy, beautiful skin is the foundation of looking and feeling your best. Investing early in the health of your skin, with regular skin care, will not only better protect it from the harsh effects of winter, but also keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the year. 

All of us at Your Body Needs are invested in your best health. Any questions, we are a quick phone call and one appointment away

Ashley, YBN Esthetician

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