Summer skin takes a beating – sun, salt water, pool time, and heavy perspiration all take their toll. With the advent of cooler weather it’s time to freshen up your skin and be ready to shine through autumn. Here are some tips:

  •  With an active summer lifestyle, you often rely on more frequent washing to feel clean. This can leave your skin tender and slightly irritated. Switch to a gentler cleanser for the fall, like our Goats’ Milk Cleansing Bar, to help moisturize and clean delicate skin.
  •  The cool weather and winds of fall can dry out your skin. You need nourishing properties to keep your skin looking fresh. If you’ve never used oil on your skin, this is the perfect time to try it. Our Rosehip Carrier Oil helps reduce wrinkles and slows the natural process of skin aging. Use this in conjunction with toning hydrosols for a complete skin-care routine. Your skin will feel fresh and radiant. Or, have us create a one-of-a-kind facial oil just for you!
  • While summer lends itself to quick showers, cooler weather invites you to linger in a warm bath. Remember, it isn’t just your facial skin that needs pampering – adding a few drops (no more than 6 – 8) of an essential oil like Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Orange to your bath will relax your body and elevate your spirits.
  • After your bath, use a rich, moisturizing oil all over your body to hold in moisture and prevent dry, patchy spots. Our Classic Blend Body Oil will keep your skin soft and supple during the cooler weather.

For the ultimate in personalized skin care, we invite you to make an appointment for one of our new Holistic Facials. Book anytime in September and enjoy 10% of any facial.

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