Owner/ Massage Therapist /Aromatherapist

Rose Chard is  the owner of Your Body Needs, a massage and aromatherapy studio in Annapolis, Maryland. Rose is a licensed massage therapist and registered aromatherapist. She is on the board of directors for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy as well as the Maryland Director for it's members. Rose teaches the principles of aromatherapy to health care professionals at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland.

Rose has incorporated essential oils in her personal life for more than 25 years, and now her company has its own growing line of quality aromatherapy products and essential oils. Rose personally sources Your Body Needs essential oils.  Your Body Needs... helps people discover the everyday benefits of aromatherapy and also offers popular aromatherapy workshop.



 Massage Therapist

Chris Shelton has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007. Prior to becoming licensed as a Massage Therapist he worked as a Personal Trainer for five years, which has given him a solid foundation of functional anatomy.

Chris has also received additional education in myofascial work, a kind of connective tissue therapy. When this therapy is performed, it can help free the connective tissue that houses the muscles (which is often bound and tight from overuse, injury, repetitive strain and postural imbalances), consequently, allowing more freedom in movement, pain reduction, and a greater sense of fluidity and ease in day to day activities.

"The biggest enjoyment I get from massage is improving peoples quality of life." - Chris




 Massage Therapist

Donna is a graduate of Steiner Institute of Baltimore School of Massage. She is Nationally Certified and Maryland State licensed. Donna is proficient in Swedish, deep tissue massage, Reflexology, myofascial  release, pre-natal, migraine relief, craniosacral therapy and energy work. Donna has passion for energy therapies.
Donna is a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate therapist. She believes good client/therapist communication is a key element to a successful session which is another reason clients are comfortable with her.

"Helping clients relax, ease their stress and to assist in achieving homeostasis is my goal." - Donna

Massage Therapist

Joanna WahlerJoanna is a graduate from Anne Arundel Community College. She is an MBLEX certified licensed massage therapist. She practices and incorporates many techniques including traditional Swedish relaxation massage. myofascial release, sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point and touch therapy. She has developed a vast range in clientele so each session is an opportunity for Joanna to give each client a person, tailored massage. Joanna has an interest in studies which connect mind, body and spirit. She studies reiki along with contrast (hot and cold) therapy in support of her aspirations to these connections.

"This is really a love and livelihood of mine. I'm honored to lay hands and assist in making life better for people and I wake up every day with gratitude that I may provide ease and progress in those in need". - Joanna

 Massage Therapist

Lindsey is a graduate of Anne Arundel Community College massage therapy program. She is ABMP and MBLEX certified. She is trained in techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, prenatal, sports massage and trigger point therapy. Lindsey receives joy knowing she positively impacts the lives of people she works with. 
"My client/therapist relationship goes much deeper than the time amount of your session. It's a bond that's made with intentions to last a lifetime" - Lindsey






 Massage Therapist

Haley Woolford is a Maryland State Licensed Massage Therapist. Her passion for this field benefits a broad spectrum of clients which may be dealing with muscular pain, tension stress or pregnancy. She is fluent in Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release. Pre-natal is an especially compelling modality for Haley.

“My goal is to cater to your needs and provide comfort using healing touch, which everyone deserves” - Haley


 Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Candace graduated from Chesapeake College. She is Nationally Certified and a State Licensed massage therapist. She is trained in deep tissue, myofascial and Swedish techniques. Candace has been a geriatric nursing assistant for thirteen years- she is compassionate and willing to help. Massage therapy gives Candace the opportunity to help you relax and become more aware of how much your body is unique and special.

"I truly believe that massage helps people with better body mechanics, more awareness of their own body and reduced stress." - Candace