Rosebud Facial Clay Mask
Rosebud Facial Clay Mask Rosebud Facial Clay Mask Rosebud Facial Clay Mask

This 100% natural clay mask will leave your skin in the harmonious state it deserves. Blended with the finest ingredients and as unrefined as commercially available means you are receiving an abundance of minerals and other nourishment - JUST ADD WATER. Rosebud Facial Mask is a blend of Rhassoul Clay and Pink Clay. It has pure rose petals throughout. The aroma is divine and the therapeutic benefit your skin will receive will be visibly noticeable after one application. 3.7oz

This masks does not include essential oils. All you need is water. You may however add the following to your individual mask:

1) One drop of essential oil.

2) 1/4 teaspoon of honey. (recommended for dryer skin)

3) A few drops of carrier oil. (recommended for dryer skin)

We highly recommend the Face Mask Removal Tool with this purchase

This clay mask is suited for ALL SKIN TYPES. It is recommended to remove clay just before it gets too dry. For oily and dry skin, it may help to add honey or aloe vera gel to your mask. Do not allow to overly dry.