Why to Avoid Mineral Oils in Skincare Products
Mineral oil is a common ingredient in many skincare products. On an ingredient deck, you may see it listed as “Petrolatum”,” Petroleum Jelly”, “Paraffin”, “Mineral Oil” or “White Oil”. While there is division in the industry regarding mineral oil's safety, I would not describe it as an ideal ingredient. While the refined mineral oil may not be toxic, it is still derived from crude oil and not botanical plants. Botanical plant oils have a lipid structure compatible with that of our own so when you apply natural oils, they will absorb into your skin in a way that benefits us. Mineral oil does not and yet because it is so inexpensive to produce it is used in almost all skincare products including high-end brands. Mineral oil can be advertised accurately as a protective barrier, but it coats the skin rather than meshing in with the skin's natural oils.

Another reason to avoid mineral oil is its possible interference with our body's natural processes. Due to mineral oil's large molecule, absorption into the skin is very slow, however, what molecules do get absorbed can bond to other natural nutrients like Vitamin A making it difficult for the nutritional components to absorb correctly.

The use of mineral oil in skin products has largely affected our view regarding any oil-based products. Anything containing mineral oil mostly leaves behind a greasy, filmy feeling on your skin. So we associate oil with this heavy, coated feeling. This is why oil products have been unpopular in the United States. Many botanical plant oils do not leave behind this greasy feeling and are a perfect complement to your skin's routine.