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Welcome to Your Body Needs. We are here to make your life better. Life demands so much of you that you spend your days running around. You almost always have obligations no matter whether we are stay at home, working, retired or a student. No wonder we feel like we aren't taking care of ourselves. We get reminded of this when we are run down.

It is a good thing to take time for yourself. This will allow you to take care of others and get back to getting the job done. Studies consistently show that massage therapy is so healthy for us both physically and mentally.

At Your Body Needs we help you live better in two ways - through Massage Therapy  and Aromatherapy. Our Massage Therapists are qualified and ready to get you feeling better whether you need focused bodywork or just want to relax. And we know our stuff when talking Aromatherapy. 

What makes Your Body Needs even more special is that the business is owned by a Professional Aromatherapist - that's me! It is really important that all our massage oils are 100% pure and natural because we care about your skin as well as your muscles. We hand-blend them in-house for you.

We consciously source Pure Essential Oils from all over the world and work hard to ensure you are getting the best quality - I have built relationships all over the globe.

Since we opened in 2008 there has been such growth. I no longer personally massage - we have a full staff of wonderful therapists. I spend my days with the demands of formulating products sold online, custom blending skin-care orders, working with the essential oils and listening to our clients needs.

If you are close to our studio in Annapolis we would love to meet you - book your Massage now. Otherwise, enjoy our site. I'll get you started with one of my favorite synergy blends - All Clear for those annoying sinus issues.

Rose Chard.



Rose Chard, Bio

Hi there. I am Rose Chard. When I was 19 years old, I picked up a book from a store that introduced me to the world of plant oils. As I was reading, I knew intuitively choosing essential oils was a wise life-style chose. 27 years later, I have gained not only personally but professionally from them. I have created hundreds of formulas, helped create healthier lives for people and helped customers learn to love their skin again. I have been using essential oils in my life for so long, that when I first decided to open  Your Body Needs.., I was concerned no-one would know what they were. So, the solution was to open a Massage Studio. This allowed me the time to build my business knowledge and build awareness in the community. My journey has lead me to this - a stand-alone store for the aromatherapy products. I am so proud to be launching a second site for our retail. I hope you enjoy and if you have questions, please contact me. If you are ever in Annapolis Maryland, book a massage - www.YourBodyNeeds.com When Rose Chard picked up an Aromatherapy book at age 19, she was instantly curious. She knew intuitively, choosing essential oils was a wise life-style. The solution was to open a Massage Studio, which integrated essential oils and allowed her time to build business knowledge and awareness in the community. Nearly three decades later, Rose has gained not only personally, but professionally from using essential oils. By developing hundreds of formulas and blends, she’s created healthier lives and helped clients learn to love their skin again.