Floating Head

A tension relieving treatment beginning with a hot compress, involves sole massage of the head including crown, face, ears, and neck leaving you deeply relaxed and thoroughly comforted. Lavender essential oil is included in this session. (Available in combo)

30 mins  -  $65

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Elevate your massage experience with 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt Stones. These stones provide 84 essential mineral and trace compounds, and when combined with heat and massage therapy aid in circulation, relaxation, inflammation, detoxification, as well as decrease blood pressure, stress, and insomnia. The effects of the massage can last for days.

50 mins  -  $110  |  75 mins  -  $135  |  90 mins  -  $160

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage

A Swedish massage with the added use of lavender-infused heated stones placed on points of your body to warm and loosen the muscles.

75 mins  -  $135  |  90 mins  -  $160

Hot Stone Myofascial Release

Our muscles are covered by a connective tissue called fascia. Often various stress issues resulting from posture, injuries, or a pattern of improper movement can cause the fascia to become restrictive. When this happens the muscles and fascia become glued together causing pain and a restriction of movement. A Myofascial Release session works toward freeing the restriction and creating fluidity in movement. This session is a series of very slow hand movements from the massage therapist.

50 mins  -  $110  |  75 mins  -  $135

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle massage utilizing light pressure to encourage the movement of fluid in the lymphatic system, helping to remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues.
(Subject to availability)

50 mins  -  $85

ATTENTION!! We now require clients who've recently undergone surgery to provide a doctors note approving massage therapy. We need to receive their approval 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Doctors notes can be emailed to info@yourbodyneeds.com