The cumulative effects of regular massage have tremendous benefit, both physically and mentally. Having a Your Body Needs membership will give you the structure of regularity with your bookings. Long term, you will feel better in your body and look forward to that day in the month that you are taking care of you and your health.

*Currently, memberships are only available for 50-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue with or without aromatherapy, and 75-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue with or without aromatherapy. The monthly autopayment cannot be used for specialty massages or 90-minute massages. *

How It Works:

Savings on every massage. You receive your discounted rate for one session per month. Autopay’s will process on the first of every month, and you book anytime within that month without needing to check out after your session. Should you or your shared partner visit for massage more than one time in the month, you still receive your discounted rate. Our members also receive 10% off most retail items and are eligible for membership-only offers.

Membership duration and automatic renewal: Membership is in force from the Autopay Start Date, which is the first day of the following month from sign up date. When you sign up, you’re agreeing to least 1 full year (12 sessions) of membership status from the Autopay Start Date. The membership will continue after the annual term unless we are notified.

Unused massage roll overs: If you can’t come in during a particular month, the unused massage may roll over for up to three months. After three months, unused sessions become unredeemable. Fees for unused session will not be refunded.

Sharing options: One primary holder per membership permitted. Primary members can share massage sessions with elected shared member (non- primary) which includes use of the monthly sessions or discounts on an additional session during the month. Primary members and Non-Primary members cannot use more than one active or roll-over massage session in one day. Only you and your non-primary member may use membership sessions and cannot be redeemed by other friends or family. Non-primary members are unable to redeem roll over sessions, do not receive retail discounts and are eligible for only some of the membership–only offers.

Cancelling Membership: Once your membership has reached the end of its annual term, you are able to cancel your membership with 30 days notification of the next billing date with no fee. Cancellation of Membership prior to the end of the annual term will result in a $60 charge. Any roll over massages become unredeemable passed the membership termination date.

Agreement to Pay Recurring Fees:  By being a member you agree to pay monthly recurring fees via Client authorized automatic credit card. It will always charge the same amount based on the membership you chose. We will notify you if the credit card or checking account payment fails to authorize for any reason. A $10 late fee will apply if you do not provide a valid credit card within 10 calendar days of the original rejection date.


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