Owner/ Massage Therapist /Aromatherapist/ Esthetician

Rose Chard is the owner of Your Body Needs. Rose is a licensed massage therapist, registered aromatherapist and esthetician. She is also certified in manual lymphatic drainage. She is on the board of directors for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy as well as the Maryland Director for it's members. Rose teaches the principles of aromatherapy to health care professionals at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland as well as serving on its Department of Therapeutic Massage board.

Rose has incorporated essential oils in her personal life for more than 25 years, and now her company has its own growing line of quality aromatherapy products and essential oils. Rose personally sources Your Body Needs essential oils.  Your Body Needs... helps people discover the everyday benefits of aromatherapy and also offers popular aromatherapy workshops.



Josephine has been a sort out skin-care expert. The last ten years she has built a reputable business taking care of her Chevy Chase clientele with experience in facial rejuvenation, corrective and anti-aging treatments. Her desire to work with natural product and move away from commercial products led her to Your Body Needs. Josephine contacted the business to find out more about our mission and protocols. She is thrilled to join the esthetics department and is beyond thrilled with the product she is working with. Josephine is a skilled esthetician and a deep understanding of the skin's needs.


Massage Therapist

Chris has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007. Prior to becoming licensed as a Massage Therapist he worked as a Personal Trainer for five years, which has given him a solid foundation of functional anatomy.

Chris has also received additional education in myofascial work, a kind of connective tissue therapy. When this therapy is performed, it can help free the connective tissue that houses the muscles (which is often bound and tight from overuse, injury, repetitive strain and postural imbalances), consequently allowing more freedom in movement, pain reduction, and a greater sense of fluidity and ease in day to day activities.

"The biggest enjoyment I get from massage is improving peoples' quality of life."   -Chris




Massage Therapist 

Elizabeth is an experienced massage therapist who specializes in Swedish, hot stone and prenatal massages. She also has experience with deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage modalities. She loves to incorporate stretches into her sessions based on her client's goals and needs. 
" My goal is to treat each and every client with dignity and compassion, to help relieve pain and provide deep relaxation, to make them feel welcomed and relaxed as soon as the y enter the treatment room and to leave feeling great"


Imani has been in the industry since 2017, with experience spanning medical and day spas. Her passion for skincare was sparked by her own search for solutions to her skin issues, which steered her towards holistic methods after observing the cumulative effects of chemical products. She was attracted to Your Body Needs as it resonates with her aesthetic philosophies.

" I am passionate about addressing people's skincare needs and providing a tranquil experience. Skincare is not only my passion but also my livelihood."
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Bridget has been passionate about skincare for as long as she can recall. Her dedication is so profound that she has chosen to return to school while maintaining a full-time job in the dental industry. Her ambition is to help everyone feel confident in their own skin and to foster a tranquil environment.
"Personally, I've always had challenges with my skin, so I understand how difficult it can be. However, if we take good care of our skin, it will take care of us in return."


 Spa Attendant

Shannon will be at the front of the house to assist with your booking and retail needs, ensuring everything operates seamlessly during service provision.