With 2,000 pounds of mineral-rich salt deposits, our Himalayan Wall provides a stunning visual creating an immediate ambient mood. The ions released from the salt help rejuvenate our nervous system, improving overall well-being. The glow from the wall is enough to soothe your soul. There are other benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy. The salinized air helps to clear the air passages, promoting healthier lungs and breathing. This can help anyone practicing meditative or yoga modalities or those wishing to increase their respiratory health. 
Your Body Needs Restorative Salt Room is the solution to finding a quick escape to reset your mental and physical being. 

Elevate your next massage by booking it in our Restorative Salt Room
This room is available for massages at an additional cost, please call in advance to request this room for your session.
Single Massage: $20 additional 
Couples Massage: $35 additional 
Book our salt room for private use!
Our Restorative Himalayan Salt room is open for private bookings 10AM-5PM Monday-Saturday. Sessions start at a minimum of one hour. All private bookings have to be made by calling or emailing the studio, subject to availability.
Hourly Charge: $45 per hour 
Bring a friend or loved one with you to share this restorative experience with. As many as 4 people can use the room, just make sure to monitor your volume as we will likely have massage sessions going on at the same time.
Additional Party: $15 per person 
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