Benefits of Face Massage

When was the last time that you had a face massage? Probably a lot longer than it should have been! Or have you even had a face massage? There are so many benefits to face massage that are overlooked, including keeping you looking younger, always a good thing, right?! After reading this blog, we think that you’ll be heading straight to the spa for your next face massage! But first, let’s talk about why you should get that face massage. 

Checklist of Face Massage Benefits 

Let’s start with a brief overview of how a face massage will help you. A face massage will: 

  • Help to promote healthy skin
  • Relax your face muscles
  • Help to improve skin elasticity (known as elastin)
  • Help to improve blood flow
  • Help to promote good lymphatic movement which in turn
  • Decreases puffiness around the eyes
  • Increases cell rejuvenation and
  • Increases collagen production.


What does all that mean? In short, a face massage will help to promote glowing skin and reduce wrinkles. Sounds great, doesn’t it?! Let’s take a closer look at how a face massage manages to do this. 

What a Face Massage Does to the Skin 

There is no getting away from the fact that the skin ages. But how it ages can be influenced by many variables. Massage can help to coax the skin into enhancing the various body systems to work more efficiently and more effectively. For example: 

  • Massage of muscles and soft tissues can help to relax and stretch them, helping to eliminate more toxic substances, heal old scars, and tone up the muscles. The face has about 20 flat skeletal muscles, attaching to various parts of the skull, so the face does a lot of work in a day from facial expressions to carrying out the basic functions of talking and moving.1
  • Massage of the skeletal and circulatory system helps to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph more effectively, leading to better circulation and releasing tension and stress within the body.
  • Massage of the lymphatic system is a huge benefit of face massage. Massage helps to stimulate the movement of lymph through the body, eliminating waste and toxic substances more effectively. Swelling caused by injury is also dispersed more readily.
  • The sweat and sebaceous glands located within the skin are stimulated through face massage. Dead skin cells are removed, skin pores have a greater chance of staying open, encouraging greater skin respiration, and resulting in a more supple and elastic skin. Face massage tones the skin and improves its texture, reducing the chance of wrinkles! 

A Face Massage is a Mini Face Lift 

As you can see there are a lot of benefits of face massage. Essentially, it is a “mini face lift.” At YBN, we have noticed a visual difference in a client’s skin immediately following a face massage. It’s more than a temporary lift, the face doesn’t lie! The visual sight of total relaxation and peace on a client’s face is incredible to witness. You know intuitively that the body is in a healthy state. 

How and Where to Get a Good Face Massage

 Face massage is so underrated. We can’t emphasize this enough! We see the positive effects of face massage every day. 

However, not all face massages are created equal. We recommend that you find a good spa that offers the “real deal,” not a “fluffy” substitute. Many spas include face massage as a relaxation portion of a full facial without much thought to the full benefits of a face massage with intention. Also, the quality of ingredients is vital to lasting effects of a great face massage. Ask questions before you book. 

So, there it is: The benefits of face massage. We hope to see you soon


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