Carrot Seed Essential Oil for Skincare

Carrot seed (Daucus carota) essential oil is one of the best essential oils to have in your skincare box, and for some very good reasons. Read on and find out what, why, and how to use carrot seed essential oil for skincare.

What’s in Carrot Seed Essential Oil?

Carrot seed essential oil is made up of predominately caratol, with minor components of beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene.1 What does that mean in terms of how you can use it? Well, carrot seed essential oil is an absolute powerhouse for anti-aging benefits. It can do wonders for mature skin. It also can revitalize tired, dry, or damaged skin. So, if you are looking for a non-invasive, natural way to sooth and tone the skin or to combat wrinkles, carrot seed essential oil is a must in your skin-care kit. Also, carrot seed oil’s cell rejuvenating properties may help address conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Lastly, it knows how to brighten your skin!

From Carrot Seed to Essential Oil

You might be thinking: Hang on, are you talking about the carrots I grow in my garden? How can they possibly help my skin?

Carrot seed essential oil, like the name suggests, is actually extracted from the dried seeds of the carrot (Daucus carota), and not the root itself (although a carrier oil is macerated from the root). The benefits for skincare are contained within those precious seeds, including skin rejuvenation benefits.2 It can help to tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and boost sagging skin. Carrot seed essential oil is also anti-inflammatory, and a great skin soother (as well as soothing to the scalp).3

How to Use Carrot Seed Essential Oil

You only need a small drop of carrot seed essential oil for effective skincare. Since it has a very powerful aroma, it is best used in combination with other active essential oils just like those that you’ll find in our best-selling Fifty is the New Thirty face oil, and which will nourish your skin and leave it glowing! Carrot seed essential oil is one of the reasons our Fifty is the New Thirty face oil is so popular.

Our facial room here at Your Body Needs would not be complete without carrot seed essential oil on our ingredient deck. Clients who book facials at Your Body Needs enjoy customized blends that often include carrot seed oil in their face masks, steam, or massage. We always have carrot seed essential oil on hand if it is the right choice for a client’s skin.

So, whether you choose to purchase our Fifty is the New Thirty face oil or book a session with us here at Your Body Needs, you’ll find that carrot seed oil is the ingredient to include in your skincare wellness routine!

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