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Serenity Now Serenity Now | Your Body Needs

Sleep solidly and stay refreshed throughout the day with Your Body Needs...  formulated Serenity Now.  Made with 100% pure essential oils, this blend will impress you with its gentle yet effective aroma.

*NEW FORMULA* Ingredients:

A blend of the essential oils of: Lavender, Clarysage, Orange and Chamomile roman. 15ml.

1) Add 8-12 drops in an aromatherapy nebulizer before bed-time.

2) Add 3-5 drops on a cosmetic pad. Breathe in the aroma.

3) Add 6-8 drops in a warm bath tub.

4) Add 3 drops to chest and/or external nasal area just before bedtime. Dilute in 1/2 teaspoon of carrier oil if necessary.

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