Holistic Facials & Facial Treatments

Experience a rare offering in skin-care - a truly holistic all-natural, chemical-free facial that leaves your skin looking radiant. Your Body Needs does not represent a packaged skin-care line. We take care of your skin using botanicals, clays, essential oils, and nut and seed oils as close to their purest form possible, just as earth intended, so that you reap the benefits of their natural healing compounds.

Our facial treatment options are designed to make it easy for you to decide which treatment best suits you. No matter which facial you choose, our staff will tailor every session to your specific skin-care needs and, since we have a large selection of our own 100% pure essential oils, we can also satisfy your aromatic preferences.

Waxing Services

Experience waxing services like no other! At Your Body Needs, waxing isn't just about hair removal -- it's a skin care treatment as well.

Your customized waxing session includes premium wax suitable for all skin-types. Most treatments include our proprietary Pre-Wax blend (Clove, Tea Tree, Aloe Gel, and Witch Hazel) and Post-Wax blend (Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint, and Safflower). As always, there are no unhealthy products or pore-clogging ingredients. In our waxing services, as in everything we offer at YBN, our primary concern is your health. We care about every aspect of the process, and you'll leave here with smooth, sleek, HEALTHY skin!