Top Shelf Essential Oils - $10
Treat yourself to the aroma and the relaxation properties of our top shelf essential oils. These aromatic compounds are not only beneficial for your skin, but they also smell sublime.
Dermaplaning - $60
Add this to your facial service to remove unwanted hair and dead skin, to brighten, exfoliate, speed up the generation of new skin cells, and to feel absolutely flawless. 
Additional Extractions - $20
This treatment is for clients with ache, who will need a little more attention on their blemishes during their facial service. 
Eye Serum - $10
If you have dark circles, puffy, or deflated under eye skin, this is the add on for you. Our eye serum is the eye lift add on you are looking for! Leave your facial service feeling refreshed and bright eyed. 
High Frequency - $15
This add on has multiple benefits along with stimulating your natural collogen production. High frequency treatments will tighten your skin while correcting and preventing any current or future blemishes. 
Himalayan Salt Stone Upgrade - $20
Himalayan Salt is known for its healing properties. It can stimulate circulation, help reduce the appearance of puffy skin, and leave your face feeling nourished, relaxed and refreshed. Add hot Himalayan stones to any facial services, excluding holiday specials. 
Hot Towel Foot Massage - $15
A simple add on for an amazing ending to your facial service. Relax and unwind while we wrap your feet with hot towels, then finish with a foot massage using our signature Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream. 
Lash Tint - $35
Make your mornings easier than ever with a lash tint!
Wake up and go with no need for mascara!
Lash Lift - $35
Usually accompanied with a "Lash Tint" this service does the work of a lash curler! Effortlessly, your natural lashes will be perfectly shaped.
Scalp Massage - $15
Adding a scalp massage to your facial service is top tier. There is nothing better than getting rid of yesterday's blemishes and stress all at once!
Scalp Treatments with Massage - $35
(*Please note that the scalp treatments are oil based and the removal of the treatment will be the next shampoo that you do at home.
With these add on services, be prepared to leave with neat, but oily, hair.*)
- Tea Tree Treatment -
Our scalp usually doesn't receive as much attention as the rest of our skin. It can also be affected by the change of weather, stress, diet, and certain medical conditions. Our Tea Tree Scalp Treatment is for clients with a dry or oily scalp. The Tea Tree Oil helps to remove buildup on the scalp and the massage helps with removing the buildup of stress. 
- Rosemary Treatment -
Rosemary is used to prevent and reverse hair loss.
The benefits of Rosemary on the scalp are endless. With healing properties scientifically proven to help with conditions such as nerve damage, it can target the follicles that need a boost in production or that need to be healed. The stimulating effect of the massage promotes blood circulation to the scalp which also helps with new hair growth.
** To add any of these services to your online booking,
  leave a note with the name of the add on you wish to add when you book the appointment. **
** Or give us a call and we will happily assist you (443)-412-5166. **