10 Uses for Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Did you know that in Australia, Eucalyptus essential oil is considered a household staple because of all of the amazing things it can be used for around the home? This connection to antiquity in a bottle is still to this day a powerhouse of therapeutic value.

Read on to find out why – and how you can adopt the use of eucalyptus in your home!

Eucalyptus History

The earliest use of eucalyptus came from Australian Aboriginals. They used the leaf as an infusion for traditional medicine and used it to treat body pains, for sinus congestion, and for colds and fevers.

When the first European fleet arrived on Australian shores in 1788, surgeons on the First Fleet distilled the leaves of the eucalyptus trees found growing on the shores.They used the distilled oil to treat convicts and marines. Later on, the colonists also began to distill the oil.

Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, a Victorian botanist, promoted the qualities of eucalyptus and encouraged a Melbourne pharmacist, Joseph Bosisto, to investigate the commercial potential of the oil. The antiseptic and disinfectant properties of eucalyptus were established at this point. In 1852, the first distillation plant was set up and the extraction of essential oil from the cineole chemotype of Eucalyptus radiata began. The brand, Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil, is still sold today!

Superpowers of Eucalyptus

Regardless of (most) eucalyptus species, the main chemical component which give eucalyptus essential oil its superpower is cineole. Our Eucalyptus radiata essential oil contains 72% cineole!

So, what makes cineole so powerful? Its lists of powers include antimicrobial, antibacterial, disinfectant, analgesic, mucolytic, antiviral, antispasmodic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and, of course, antiseptic. That’s a lot for one small bottle! But it makes it a very useful essential oil to have around the home. Here’s why:

How to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil at Home

Cleaning! Did you know that eucalyptus essential oil kills 99% of household germs? Add it to your cleaners for floors, kitchen, bathroom surfaces, anywhere you want to get rid of stinky smells and make things sparkle again! As a general rule, add three capfuls of eucalyptus oil to water.

You can also add eucalyptus essential oil to the toilet bowl. Here’s a simple scrub recipe: Combine 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and ½ teaspoon of eucalyptus essential oil in a spray bottle. Spray vinegar mixture inside bowl, and also on toilet seat, lid, and handle. Allow cleaner to sit for several minutes. Sprinkle ½ cup baking soda inside toilet bowl and scrub inside of bowl with a toilet brush. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe vinegar solution off seat, lid, and handle. TIP: Substitute ¼ teaspoon of eucalyptus oil with ¼ teaspoon of tea tree essential oil.

For fresh, clean-smelling laundry, add two capfuls of eucalyptus essential oil per wash. And why not use it to freshen the air around your home? Add 20 drops of essential oil per 1-oz. of water in a spray bottle and that’s it! You can even use this spray to freshen up smelly shoes from the kids!

Our final cleaning tip for eucalyptus essential oil is for the shower: Team it up with tea tree essential oil to make a mold-killing spray for your shower. Add 5 drops of each oil to a 16-oz. spray bottle full of water and spray down your shower after each use.

So how do you use eucalyptus essential oil for yourself?

First, you can banish colds, flu, and coughs from your home! Eucalyptus essential oil can assist with clear breathing and supports your overall respiratory health. Use it as direct inhalation for coughs, colds, and flu by adding 5 drops of eucalyptus oil to 500mL of hot water and inhale. Or sprinkle a few drops onto a handkerchief, in the bath, or on your pillow.  You can also use it as an expectorant in a soothing chest rub to relieve congestion. Mix 5 drops (1/4 mL) to 10mL of vegetable oil and massage onto chest and back (for adult use only). If you don’t want to mess with making this yourself, take a look at our handy All Clear Roll-on, specifically designed for the chest and nasal area to promote healthy sinuses and clear congestion, and includes our favorite Eucalyptus radiata essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil also temporarily relieves mild arthritic and muscular aches and pains when you blend it into a massage oil. For direct application: Mix 5 drops (1/4 mL) of essential oil with 10mL vegetable oil, and massage into affected areas.

Eucalyptus essential oil has lots of benefits for home and personal use. We’ve listed just 10 uses in this blog, but I am sure that you can find more! But first, don’t forget to visit our webstore and pick up your bottle of eucalyptus oil.

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