How High Frequency Benefits Your Skin

You might be wondering, what has high frequency got to do with skin care benefits? There is a simple technique used to tone and tighten the skin plus lots of other amazing benefits which doesn’t involve using your usual skincare products. It uses radiofrequency technology which was actually invented over a century ago.

High Frequency machines are very common in spas. The treatment may be stand alone or included with a facial service. Although it is not a household name, this treatment is actually one of the longest lasting ones in the history of spa services. It has stuck around because of its effectiveness.

Let’s take a closer look at this unusual, yet highly effective, treatment you can use to help give you that glowing and youthful skin!


Nikola Tesla, a remarkable engineer who was ahead of his time, was the first to use the high frequency technique on wounds and antibacterial infections. This initial technique was later adapted for use by spas for skincare treatments, especially for toning and tightening the skin, for a healthy and glowing complexion. High frequency using sinusoidal current which is a type of voltage source producing alternating waves at a low frequency range.

Skincare Benefits of High Frequency

One of the greatest benefits of high frequency is that it increases oxygen to the skin. Ozone activity has a germicidal action on the skin making this ideal for a post extraction treatment killing off any lingering bacteria. Oxygenation helps stimulate circulation and increase cell metabolism promoting that glow!

In just a few minutes a high frequency treatment can help reduce puffy eyes, reduce skin inflammation, tighten up skin, improve lymph flow and lift eyebrows and improve skin tone.

Preparing for a High Frequency Treatment

High frequency is very safe. However, here are some things to look out for. If you decide to receive a high frequency treatment some preparation is necessary, such as removing any metal like piercings or jewelry on your person. Metal around the high frequency machine is a contraindication. There are other contraindications that you should be aware of prior to booking a high frequency session: For example, if you have a pacemaker or experience heart issues. Ask your esthetician prior to booking your appointment about other contraindications.

High Frequency Treatments at Your Body Needs

Here at Your Body Needs, we use a high frequency machine in our facial treatments. You can either add it to a service or book an individual high frequency session or book it as a stand-alone service.

After a high frequency treatment, you can expect your skin to feel soft, energized, and fresh! And who doesn’t want to feel like that!

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