Neroli Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil Neroli Essential Oil Neroli Essential Oil

Citrus reticulata in jojoba

Botanical Source: Egypt

Flowers of the bitter orange tree

Why neroli essential oil is GREAT:

Neroli's aroma is divine. So, heavenly it soothes the soul so readily the oil is widely appreciated for its ability to induce restful sleep. Its compelling aroma has helped many with anxiety, stress and insomnia. It can be used solely as a fragrance and also excellent in skin-care especially for dry skin, stretch marks or skin regeneration.

How We Use It!

In our studio Neroli is a top essential oil seller. People fall in the love its aroma. Neroli is a key ingredient in many of our limited use Blends of The Month.

Neroli oil can be used in a diffuser and topically. If you are interested in this oil but not sure how to use it at home we will be happy to help you. Give us a call.  

Blends Well With: 

Geranium, chamomile roman, clarysage, frankincense, orange, jasmine, rose ,ylang ylang, lemon, grapefruit, lavender, ginger, sandalwood, rosemary, sandalwood


Top or base note; compelling, strong, sweet floral tones. Scent becomes softer on evaporation. Aroma lingers.

Cautions: none known