Managing Anxiety with Essential Oils

We help customers on a daily basis with anxiety issues. Struggling with stress and anxiety can be unproductive to our health, financial progress and self worth. Quite often it is ourselves that we are hardest on - we create our own internal drama because we forget to be kind to ourselves. Sometimes, things feel so much bigger in our minds than what they really are.

With a little effort, we can take control of these feelings and be very successful at it - essential oils are very useful here. Below are four super easy ways to manage our daily anxiety.  For anyone who requires more help, I have attached a link to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). The landing page supports this blog with helpful and easy ways to manage anxiety, however there are wonderful links to resources that go beyond this article for those that may need more.  



1) BREATHE! I mean this - we don't realize how often we hold our breath during the day especially when we are uptight. Make a conscientious effort to breathe deep when you start to feel that fatigued feeling or anxiety throughout the day. Moniter your breathing and start paying attention to it. You might discover that your breathing is actually very shallow in which case, make an effort to pump air into those lungs of yours. A fantastic way to remind yourself to breathe is to carry an inhaler with you to which you've added your favorite blend of essential oils. Here is some great combinations.

2) DIFFUSING is a great way to achieve some calm. I recommend using oils that you love. For example, if a certain aroma brings back fond memories you should consider it. Our olfactory system is connected to the part of our brain which stores our emotions - fond aromatic memories can help positively effect our moods even if they are not essential oils traditionally associated with easing anxiety. For example, the smell of clove, cinnamon and orange may remind you of childhood fall holidays. While lemon essential oil, known for its cheerful and delightful aroma might invoke ideas of cleaning house and chores. When it comes to diffusing, do not be afraid to experiment with which essential oils work for you. Our Solid Sleep Blend is a really nice combination of essential oils that was designed to lower anxiety so that sleep is more easily accomplished. A popular diffusing option.

3) TAKE A WARM BATH. I think baths are under-rated. We forget to do this wonderfully calming activity, probably because you forget to take time out for ourselves - we are busy stressing and looking down at our phones :-). My favorite, "its been a long week bath blend" is 3 drops of Clarysage, 3 drops of Lavender and 3 drops Orange essential oil. Add oils after water is in the bathtub and disperse your oils well. 

4) ROLL ON THE GOODNESS: For aromatic pick me ups, roll ons are wonderful. Like the inhalers, you can carry these little heavenly reminders with you wherever you go. When you feel you are about to lose it - pause- take a breather and  just dab a little around your temples, wrists and neck. Our Peace Stick has been a god-send for many. 

Some essential oils that are traditionally known to help with calming the nervous system are: Clarysage, Rose, YlangYlang, Jasmine, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Chamomiles and the Citruses. For more information, please contact us. 

I once heard someone say that we can tend to hold onto our pain as if it is worth something. This was profound to me - our stress, our hurts are not valuable items. We don't need to treasure them and we don't need to hoard them

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