Aromatherapy and Reflexology

Cold winter weather has probably meant that your feet have been snug in your Uggs for the better part of the past few months. But it’s now time to get those feet ready for summer! The thought of brushing your bare feet through the lush, green grass of the local park, or experiencing the warm sand scrunched between your toes might have you thinking of a treat for your feet. And what better way than to get your feet ready for summer than with a reflexology treatment with aromatherapy. Not sure how? Let us tell you more!

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is much more than a massage for your feet. Reflexology applies light pressure to specific points on your feet (sometimes the hands, ears and/or face as well) to manage stress, anxiety, tiredness, and as a form of pain management. There are other possible benefits of reflexology as well – not to mention that, when combined with the use of an essential oil blend, your foot skin benefits, too! Above all else, it’s relaxing – which then reflects in the rest of your body.

Unlike massage, the only thing that you’ll need to take off to enjoy this treatment are your socks and shoes. This makes it a very accessible treatment for seniors and those with some disabilities. You’ll probably be asked to complete a questionnaire before your reflexology treatment to determine the goal of your treatment, any issues you are experiencing, and any medical concerns/issues/medication that your reflexologist should be aware of. If you’d prefer to have a reflexology treatment on your hands, you can ask if your reflexologist is experienced in this area.

Reflexology is said to work on the principle that different “zones” (or points) on the foot (or hand) are linked to a corresponding part of the body. The pressure applied to the point on the foot (or hand) can also stimulate the nervous system, calming overall stress response, breathing rate, and blood flow. It’s possible that immune system responses may alter due to reflexology treatment.

Combining Reflexology with Aromatherapy

A reflexologist usually uses a lotion or oil to help lubricate the flow of their hands on your feet. However, a reflexologist trained in aromatherapy may use an essential oil blend to further enhance your experience. The essential oil blend used might address issues such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotional issues and/or physical issues.

Essential Oils for Reflexology

The essential oils chosen for your reflexology treatment will depend on your own personal choices and issues, as discussed with your reflexologist/aromatherapist. However, the following essential oil blends might be used in conjunction with a reflexology treatment (check cautions for use as well):

Always remember to dilute the essential oil blend in a base such as jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), another type of carrier oil, or a blank white lotion base. For the feet, a regular dilution rate is about 2% (for a normal adult) but exceptions do apply, such as those listed in the next section, or anything else specific to your circumstances which should be discussed with your reflexologist before treatment.

Cautions for Reflexology and Aromatherapy Use

There are a few general guidelines to be aware of before starting reflexology treatment with aromatherapy. These include (but are not exhaustive):

  • Foot injuries or gout.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Pregnancy.
  • With certain medications (check with your doctor first).
  • If recently recovering from surgery (depending on type of surgery, age, and any other relevant factors).

Research on Aromatherapy and Reflexology

There are many positive research studies which support the use of aromatherapy and reflexology and the effects that it has on stress, fatigue, anxiety, and pain conditions, among others. By fusing these two types of therapies together, you’ll be receiving the best of both worlds!

Reflexology Treatments at Your Body Needs

If you are local to the Annapolis, Maryland area, we’d love to see you try our hand and foot reflexology treatment! We use warming towels throughout the treatment to enhance your experience. The goal of our reflexology treatments is to help you to relax and unwind. You can also combine our reflexology treatment with our Swedish massage and enjoy the benefits of this massage, too. Simply ask if you want to add aromatherapy onto your reflexology treatment at the time of booking. Check out our Relaxation Massage Menu to learn more.

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