Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Imagine walking down the ancient back streets of a chaotic city in India where feet have tripped stone steps for centuries, and aromas have perpetuated the spiritual practices of people through tradition and purpose. There is one aroma which stands out to you above all others. You are drawn to its deep, soft, smooth, scent with a hint of musk and a distinctly woody note. A scent so beautiful that a wave of calm sweeps over you and you feel at peace. You ask yourself: What is this amazing aroma?

This is sandalwood, the traditional scent of India, and one which can be experienced right here in Annapolis! Our clients encounter more than they expect when incorporating sandalwood essential oil into one of our sessions. Read on to find out why.

Experience Sandalwood at Your Body Needs

If you haven’t yet experienced sandalwood essential oil, you are missing out on a hidden gem! This essential oil has such a compelling aroma and mystique attached to it, that it will instantly transform your spa treatment here at Your Body Needs.

When you ask for sandalwood to be incorporated into your facial session, a sense of stillness will immediately overcome you from the first pat of just one drop of sandalwood oil on your face. We will then give you a hot towel compress, and your breathing will start to become even calmer. You are transformed to a heavenly experience, both spiritually and physically. Your skin will glow, lines will relax on your face, and your whole face lightens up. Sounds good, right?!

But where does the journey begin for sandalwood? It is literally years in the making before it ends up in that small essential oil bottle, waiting for you to use it. Let’s take a closer look at where sandalwood comes from, its journey (and your journey), and how it benefits your skin.

The Origin of Sandalwood

The sandal (Santalum album) tree is a native of the Mysore region of India, although other species of sandal do grow elsewhere. It is an indistinct, small tree which is slow to develop the essential oil contained within its heartwood. A first harvest of the essential is usually not until the tree is between 20 and 30 years old. The heartwood of the sandal tree is only gathered after the tree is uprooted during the rainy season.

Sandalwood’s Spiritual Past

Sandal is an ancient tree and its use dates back thousands of years. Its use as a traditional incense gives it a reputation as exotic, sensual, and deep – and therefore a perfect scent to facilitate meditation. You’ll find mention of its use in ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Sanskrit texts.

The ancient Egyptians used sandalwood as a medicine, in religious rituals, and to embalm their dead. The Buddhists revered sandalwood so much that it is tightly woven into Buddhist practices. It was thought to be grounding and spiritual, and enhanced relaxation and peace. It was said to comfort both the dead on their spiritual journey and the mourner in their grief.

Sandalwood for Your Skin

Sandalwood essential oil has many benefits in skincare, in addition to the spiritual aspects we’ve just talked about.

Personally, it is one of my favorite essential oils for skincare. It can balance and address all types of skincare issues and leaves behind the most amazing aroma! Here’s a little chart to help you understand how you can use sandalwood oil for your skin, depending on your skin type.

Oily Skin

Normal Skin

Mature Skin

Problem Skin


Evens skin tone


Dry and cracked



Wrinkles and fine lines

Wound healing and scars



Varicose veins






Sandalwood Oil at Your Body Needs

If you want to experience sandalwood essential oil in a treatment at Your Body Needs, we usually recommend it as a top shelf add-on with our facials. Many clients love this oil for its immediate effect to calm and quiet the mind and allow us to work on them and provide a great experience! It has the power to release all fears and allows your mind to take you on a journey.

Our sandalwood essential oil is hauntingly beautiful with a soft, woody, musky, aroma which has great tenacity. If you are not ready to try it in a treatment, grab a bottle to go.

You can try the same treatment that we do in-house at home. Simply add one drop of sandalwood oil on your face, followed by a hot steam towel. Or you can add 12 drops of sandalwood oil to one ounce of rosehip oil and use it as a face serum.

If you need further suggestions on how to use sandalwood essential oil and how to combine it in your skincare routine, just reach out to us. We will be happy to help!

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